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E3 Games

I’m not actually at E3, but that’s not going to stop me from commenting on a few games that have piqued my interest…

Nintendo’s Wii offered quite a bit of excitment with the new controller taking center stage. I’m particularly eager to get my hands on Super Mario Galaxy. Seeing Mario walk around the tiny planets reminded me pleasantly of the Little Prince. Of course, the Twilight Princess on Wii looks pretty sweet too.

From Microsoft, I was deeply excited by Halo 3. However, the news that GTA IV was going to include episodic content delivered over Live warmed my episodic-content-loving heart. Alan Wake looked interesting as a potential breakthrough into more literary genres. I’m no longer caught up in Molyneux hype, but if Fable 2 can begin to live up to the hype of Fable, then it’s worth keeping an eye on. As someone who briefly played the paper RPG, Shadowrun was pretty exciting to see in game form. Finally, it’s not a game, but the demo of Live Anywhere was quite heartening. It was bound to happen, and I’m happy that it’s happening around games. Oh yeah, that Gears of War game doesn’t look too shabby either.

For some reason, I was less than excited by Sony’s showing. There were a number of crowd pleasers, but to me, they mostly looked like current-gen gameplay. Notable exceptions include the dragon-flight sim Lair, which looks pretty bad-ass, and what I can only guess is a safari game, Afrika. Finally, the Eye Toy demo, Eye of Judgement made me smile as the augmented reality concept is one I’ve actually worked on in the past. It’s certainly nice to see that Sony has embraced a concept that is so near and dear to my heart.

Wow, I sound like some kind of Microsoft fanboy… maybe I am… hm.


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